Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for September 24, 2014 at 1:00 PM

I. Call to Order

II. Certification of Board Executive Sessions

Mr. Downey

Action Items


III. Approval of Agenda

Mr. Downs


IV. Approval of Minutes for July 24 Board Meeting

Mr. Downs

V. Public Comment

Information Items


VI. Report by Accessibility Advisory Committee

Mr. Sheehan


VII. Report by Riders' Advisory Council

Mr. Wright

VIII. Report by Chair

Mr. Downs

Action Items


A. Approval of Revised Board Committee Assignments

Mr. Downs


B. Approval of Accessibility Advisory Committee Appointment

Mr. Downs

IX. A. Report by GM/CEO

Mr. Sarles

B. Employee Spotlights

X. Report by Planning, Program Development and Real Estate Committee

Mrs. Hampshire-Cowan

Action Items


A. Approval to Conduct a Compact Public Hearing for Proposed Changes at the Greenbelt Metrorail Station


B. Approval to Negotiate and Execute a Term Sheet for Chiller Site Joint Development


C. Approval to Use DC TIIF Funds for Construction of a Segment of the Metro Branch Trail at Takoma Park Station

XI. Report by Customer Service and Operations Committee

Mrs. Hudgins

Action Items


A. Approval of Metro's Public Partcipation Plan

XII. Report by Finance and Administration Committee

Mrs. Hynes

Action Items


A. Approval to Amend Reimbursable Project Budget for Purple Line Project

XIII. Report by Governance Meeting

Mr. Dyke

Action Items


A. Approval of Revisions to Board Procedures

XIV. Administrative Item

Action Items


A. Approval of Amendment to FY2015 Interim Financing

Mr. Anosike

XV. Consent Items

Action Items


A. Approval of Indemnification of Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

Mr. Requa


B. Approval of Agreement with the Fraternal Order of Police

Chief Pavlik


C. Approval of Letter Transmitting Comments on Draft Constrained Long Range Plan

Mr. Downs

XVI. Reports by


Mr. Downs


Mr. Nichols


Mrs. Hudgins

Federal Government

Mr. Downey

XVII. Adjournment


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