Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for April 24, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Action Items


I. Approval of Agenda

II. Certification of Board Executive Sessions

Action Items


III. A. Approval of Minutes for March 27, 2014 Board Meeting

Mr. Downs


III. B. Approval of Minutes for April 7, 2014 Special Board Meeting

Mr. Downs

IV. Public Comment

Information Items


V. Report by Accessibility Advisory Committee

Mr. Sheehan


VI. Report by Riders' Advisory Council

Ms. Walker

VII. Report by Chair

Mr. Downs

VIII. Report by GM/CEO

Mr. Sarles

IX. Report by Planning, Program Development and Real Estate

Action Items


A. Approval of Sale of Vacant Lot at Anacostia Station to the District of Columbia

Ms. Bowser

X. Report by Customer Service and Operations Committee

Action Items


A. Approval of Bus Stop Accessibility Standard

Mrs. Hudgins

XI. Report by Finance and Administration Committee

Action Items


A. Approval to Issue RFP for DC Circulator Contract

Mr. Acosta

XII. Consent Items

Action Items


A. Approval of Amendments to the GM/CEO's Contract

Mr. Downs


B. Approval of Indemnification of Louisiana State University

Chief Pavlik


C. Approval of Revision to the Restated Deferred Compensation Plan and Trust

Ms. Moore-McGee

XIII. Reports by


Mr. Downs


Mr. Nichols


Mrs. Hudgins

Federal Government

Mr. Downey


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