Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for January 27, 2011 at 1:00 PM

I. Call to Order

II. Public Comment Period

Action Items


III. Approval of Agenda

Mr. Benjamin


IV. Approval of December 16, 2010 Minutes

Mr. Benjamin

V. Oath of Office for Board Members

Mr. Benjamin

Action Items


VI. Appointment of General Manager/Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Benjamin

VII. Oath of Office for General Manager/Chief Executive Officer

VIII. Report by General Manager/Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sarles

A. GM/CEO's Monthly Report

B. Employee Spotlight:

Antonio Kornegay, Station Manager

Kevin McCormick, Station Manager

Information Items


IX. Report by Riders' Advisory Council

Mr. DeBernardo

X. Report by Chairman

Mr. Benjamin

A. Presentations to Former Board Members

Action Items


B. Approval of Riders' Advisory Council Appointments

XI. Report by Customer Service and Operations Committee

Mr. Benjamin

Action Items


A. Selection of Name of DC Village Bus Facility


B. Metro Pay Phone Program

XII. Other Actions

Action Items


1. Approval to Initiate and Award Contracts for the Repair of Damaged Railcars

Mr. Kubicek


2. Approval to Increase the Contract Authority for the MetroAccess Class Action Settlement Data Expert Report

Mr. Kent


3. Approval to Amend the Personnel Manual Regarding Excess Hours Worked

Mr. Baldwin

XIII. Remarks by Outgoing Chairman

Mr. Benjamin

Action Items


XIV. Approval of Interim 2011 Board Procedures

Mr. Benjamin/Mrs. Hudgins

XV. Election of Officers

Mr. Benjamin

Action Items


XVI. Approval of Interim 2011 Board Committee Assignments

Mrs. Hudgins

XVII. Reports by D.C.

Mr. Downs


Mr. Benjamin


Mrs. Hudgins

Federal Government

Mr. Downey

XVIII. Adjournment


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