Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for March 25, 2010 at 1:00 PM

I. Call to Order

II. Public Comment Period

Action Items


III. Approval of Agenda

Mr. Benjamin

IV. Approval of Minutes

Action Items


A. January 28, 2010 Minutes

Mr. Benjamin


B. February 25, 2010 Minutes

Mr. Benjamin


C. March 4, 2010 Minutes

Mr. Benjamin


V. Report by Riders' Advisory Council

Mr. DeBernardo

VI. Report by General Manager

Mr. Catoe

A. General Manager's Monthly Report

B. Employee Spotlight

Michael Gamble, Train Operator

VII. Reporty by Customer Service, Operations and Safey

Mr. Zimmerman

Action Items


A. Approval of Bus Stop Guidelines

VIII. Report by Joint Development and Real Estate Committee

Mr. Graham

Action Items


A. Negotiate and Execute an Easement Agreement with the District of Columbia for the Metropolitan Branch Trail Bridge


B. Negotiate and Execute a Memorandum of Understanding for Eisenhower Avenue Station Improvements

IX. Report by Finance and Administration Committee

Mrs. Hudgins

X. Administrative Items

Action Items


1. Approval to Initiate and Award a Contract for Maps at Rail Stations and Bus Shelters

Mr. Kubicek


2. Approval to Modify Contract Authority to Repair/Rehab Projects System Wide (JOC III)

Mr. Kubicek


3. Approval to Initiate and Award Contract to Repair/Rehab Projects System Wide (JOC IV)

Mr. Kubicek


4. Approval of Successor Agreement with Local 922

Ms. Burnside

XI. Reports by D.C

Mr. Albert


Mr. Solomon


Mrs. Hudgins

Federal Government

Mr. Downey

XII. Adjournment


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