Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for February 25, 2010 at 11:00 AM

I. Call to Order

II. Public Comment Period

Action Items


III. Approval of Agenda

Mr. Benjamin


IV. Approval of January 28, 2010 Minutes

Mr. Benjamin

V. Report by Riders' Advisory Council

Mr. DeBernardo

VI. Report by Chairman

VII. Report by General Manager

Mr. Catoe

A. General Manager's Monthly Report

B. Employee Spotlight

Officer David Hathaway, Metro Transit Police

Officer Stephen Peoples, Metro Transit Police

Officer Andrew Toplyn, Metro Transit Police

VIII. Report by Finance and Administration Committee

Mrs. Hudgins

Action Items


A. Approval of Rosslyn Station Access Improvement Project


B. Approval to Expand the Population of "At-Will" Employees


C. Approval of Revisions to FY2010 Fare Increase


D. Approval of Special Finance & Administration and Special Board Meetings on March 4, 2010

IX. Report by Customer Service, Operations and Safety Committee

Mr. Zimmerman

Action Items


A. Approval of Takoma Metrorail Station Artwork


B. Approval of Farragut West Station Artwork

X. Administrative Items

Action Items


1. Approval to Initiate & Award a Sole-Source Contract for Railcar Door Control Repair

Mr. Kubicek


2. Approval to Initiate & Award a Sole-Source Contract for Railcar Rollback Protection

Mr. Kubicek


3. Approval to Exercise an Option on MetroNet Data Contract

Ms. Peck


4. Approval to Award a Contract for Forensic Accounting Services

Ms. Kissal

XI. Reports by D.C.

Mr. Albert


Mr. Solomon


Mrs. Hudgins

XII. Adjournment


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