Apply for SmartBenefits

In the national capital region, the SmartBenefits® program is administered by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) and entities authorized by Metro. Metro provides electronic SmartBenefits® to employers who wish to provide the transit and parking benefit to their employees for commuting to and from work.

While Metro is pleased to assist employers with the establishment of their SmartBenefits® program, it is the responsibility of each employer to ensure that their program complies with all IRS requirements. We therefore recommend that each employer discuss their program with their own tax advisor to ensure compliance with IRS requirements.

By applying, you agree that your company/agency is responsible for managing the program to comply with Internal Revenue Service regulations for qualified transportation fringe benefits under 26 USC 132(f). (See US Code for 26 USC 132 and Regs. 26 CFR 1.132.)

To start SmartBenefits®:

  1. Set up a SmartBenefits® account. After, you submit your application, we will return the appropriate forms to you for your signature, based on the payment information you provide. Upon receipt of your signed forms, you will be assigned a customer account number, user ID, and a password.
  2. Collect the SmarTrip® serial numbers from employees who use their transit benefit for Metrobus, Metrorail, participating van pool services, and Metro station parking. (Note: Their SmarTrip® cards must already be registered with Metro).
  3. Log on to your SmartBenefits® account and configure it by 11:59pm ET on the 15th day of the month using the Getting Started with SmartBenefits® guide that's available under Help. Follow the instructions to enter the SmarTrip® serial numbers and benefit amounts by the 15th and your employees will get their SmartBenefits® starting the first day of the upcoming month.

Questions? Call your assigned Metro Account Representative or SmarTrip® Customer Service at (202) 962-1326 between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. weekdays.