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Solicitation CQ18069

Brake Components for use in the Maintenance of WMATA’s 5K, 6K & 7K Rail Car Series

Status: Closed
Posted on 12/05/2017
Due on 01/10/2018
Contract Administrator: Dixon, Robert
Email Address:


112/12/2017The purpose of this amendment is to replace the transmittal that is listed after the table of contents of invitation for bid CQ18069. The period for technical, contractual, or administrative questions nor the due date for this solicitations have changed. CQ18069 - Amendment 001..pdf


Dear Sir/Madam:

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) is seeking bids from qualified contractors to supply and deliver Brake Components for use in the Maintenance of WMATA’s 5K, 6K & 7K Rail Car Series.

A pre-bid conference will not be held. Your company’s bid must be submitted in accordance with the IFB’s terms and delivered to WMATA’s, Office of Procurement and Materials, 600 Fifth Street, NW, Room 3C-02, Washington, DC 20001-2651, no later than 2:00 p.m. on January 10, 2018

If you have any technical, contractual, or administrative questions, please e-mail them to no later than close of business, December 27, 2017. WMATA will provide written answers, by e-mail to all those who obtain the IFB and provide their e-mail addresses.

The following documents must be completed, signed and submitted with your company’s bid:

Price Schedule; Solicitation, Offer & Award form; Pre-Award Survey; Representations and Certifications;


CQ18069 Invitation for Bid.pdf
CQ18069 Price Schedule.xlsx

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