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Maintenance Facilities Projects

  New Bus Body and Paint Shop active  Active$21,400,000$21,310,528$20,876,483

as of 2/29/2012


New Bus Body and Paint Shop

Contribution to Strategic Goals

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The bus body shop at the Carmen Turner Facility (CTF) will be re-designed and expanded to include new paint booths. The construction of the booths will require extensive work including the demolition of existing electrical and mechanical systems, mezzanines, offices, and the existing loading dock and canopy. Install new sprinkler system, HVAC system, replace lighting; compressed air & gas distribution systems; plumbing, vehicle exhaust, fluid service; electrical distribution system; structural foundation, walls, new roof; new drainage system; new fire alarm and gas detection system, etc. The only full bus body and painting facility for the 1,500 bus fleet is located at the Bladensburg facility which was upgraded several years ago to also accommodate CNG buses. However, accommodations for CNG buses are also required at CTF to service the expanded bus fleet. The renovation would be a LEED certified silver facility. Additionally, the non-revenue vehicle maintenance area at CTF would be renovated to consolidate operations from Bladensburg, thus providing a more centralized cost-effective operation.

Location of Work

Carmen Turner Facility


  • Buildout of space at CTF for bus body shop to include paint booths

Contracts Awarded

  • Coakley & Williams Construction, Inc - $16,941,398.00
  • Gannett Fleming-Parsons Joint Venture - $349,247.00
  • P2D (Parsons Transportation Group/Parsons Brinkerhoff Quade and Douglas/Delon Hampton and Associates) - $181,000.00
  • Potomac Construction Co Inc - $1,591,379.79
  • Store to Door - $9,080.00


RFP Issue:  4/08/2009

Award Contract, Begin Work:  6/15/2009

Final Delivery, Substantial Completion:  6/30/2011

Complete Contract or Project:  12/31/2011

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