Posted: Mar 15, 2014 Expiration: Mar 15, 2014

Metro service information for Rock 'N Roll Marathon, Saturday, March 15

Metrorail service
Metrorail will open two hours early, at 5 a.m., on Saturday, March 15, for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon.

Marathon runners should use Federal Triangle (Blue/Orange), Smithsonian (Blue/Orange) or Archives (Green/Yellow) stations to access the start line.

Due to rebuilding work, the following service changes will be in effect at Metrorail's 5 a.m. system opening:

  • Blue Line trains will operate every 24 minutes from Franconia-Springfield; every 12 minutes at all other Blue Line stations.  Consider using stations other than Franconia-Springfield.
  • Red Line trains will operate every 16 minutes between Shady Grove and Glenmont.
  • Regular Green Line service (every 12-18 minutes) will operate between College Park and Branch Ave; buses will replace trains at Greenbelt Station, adding an additional 15 minutes of travel time.  Consider using stations other than Greenbelt.
  • Orange and Yellow Line trains will operate at normal weekend frequencies, every 20 minutes before 9 a.m. and every 12 minutes after 9 a.m.

Metrobus service
There will be a significant impact to the following Metrobus routes during the marathon: 5A, 32, 34, 36, 38B, 42, 52, 54, 64, 70, 74, 80, 90, 92, 96, A42, A46, A48, B2, D4, D6, D8, G2, G8, H2, H4, L2, M6, N6, P6, S2, S4, U2, U6, V8, X2 and X8

  • All service north of Constitution Avenue (detours expected until early afternoon)
    When the race begins, buses north of the course will turn back at a point near a rail station, if possible, resuming their regular routes into Downtown DC as streets reopen.
  • All service south of Constitution Avenue (detours expected through mid-afternoon)
    There will be no regular service from the start of the race until the runners clear the Downtown area. Service south of Constitution Avenue will be restored as streets become available. Other Southeast locations will return to regular service after the race ends.

Metrobus riders should expect delays. Please allow additional travel time and use Metrorail if possible. You can transfer from Metrobus to Metrorail for free during the event by asking your bus operator for a special transfer. Complete detour information

Travel Tips

  • Metrorail riders planning to use Franconia-Springfield should consider using Huntington or Anacostia as alternate boarding locations.
  • If using a paper farecard, please protect it from moisture during the race. Also, note that there is an additional $1 per trip charge ($2 for roundtrip) for using a paper farecard.  
  • Load enough value on your farecard or SmarTrip for your entire roundtrip in advance to avoid lines.

The two-hour Metrorail early opening is funded through an agreement with event organizers.

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