Posted: Jul 10, 2013 Expiration: Jul 12, 2013

To our Blue & Orange Line Passengers

Metro regrets the significant delays you experienced during the evening commute of Wednesday, July 10. We understand that delays of an hour or more impact you and your families, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

The delays began when a train became disabled outside Clarendon station shortly after 5:30 pm.

The disabled train experienced a brake problem that car technicians were not able to resolve.  Unfortunately, due to the location of the disabled train our routine response to such an issue, towing the train with passengers aboard, was deemed unfeasible by response personnel.  As a result, the passengers were safely transferred to the second train by walking through the end doors.  Following on-scene safety inspections, the passengers were eventually moved to Clarendon Station following about a 90-minute delay.

Metro Transit Police and other support personnel were aboard the disabled train to provide support and monitor conditions.  We are pleased to report that there were no injuries and no medical issues reported during this incident.

While the train was disabled, Orange Line trains had to share a single track between Foggy Bottom and Clarendon, and Blue Line trains shared a single track between Foggy Bottom and Arlington Cemetery.  This led to significant wait times and crowded trains for many customers.

Normal two-track service resumed shortly before 7:30 p.m.  During the disruption, Metro updated customers via MetroAlerts, Twitter, station kiosk screens, and through both station and onboard announcements, as well as the news media. Blue line customers were advised  to travel to or from Virginia using the Yellow Line as an alternate via L'Enfant Plaza Station.

If you would like to share your feedback about this incident, please use this simplified form or call (202) 637-1328 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.


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