Posted: Sep 26, 2013 Expiration: Feb 27, 2014

Save Time with SmarTrip® Auto Reload

Waiting in line to reload your SmarTrip card is so 2011.  Sign up for Auto Reload today and you'll never have to think about it again.

Auto Reload will charge your credit card to add value or a pass to your SmarTrip® card whenever your balance drops below $10 or your existing pass is about to expire.  You just set it and forget it!

You can sign-up for Auto Reload in 5 easy steps!

1.       Login to your SmarTrip® account or Create your SmarTrip® account
2.       Click on the link for your card
3.       Click the Add Value/Setup Auto Reload link or Add Pass/Setup Auto Reload link
4.       Select your Add Value amount or Pass and click "Add & Setup Auto Reload"
5.       Click Shopping Cart and follow the prompts to complete your purchase  

Effective October 1, 2013, any SmarTrip® with a negative balance lower than -$1.50 (negative balance) will not open the fare gates. Passengers will be required to add value at the Exitfare machines prior to leaving the station.  Exitfare machines take cash and coins only. Sign up for Auto Reload to ensure an easy, hassle-free exit from any Metrorail station.

You will receive an email confirmation each time Auto Reload charges your credit card.

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