Metro Reserved Parking Permit General Requirements

Reserved parking permits are subject to the following provisions:

  • Reserved parking permits are good only as identification to park in designated spaces reserved for permit holders. The reserved parking permit fee of $45-$65 does not cover the cost of daily parking. Permit holders must pay the daily parking fee on exiting Metro lots in addition to the fee paid for a reserved parking permit.
  • SmarTrip® cards, with full parking fees, are the only accepted form of payment for parking, except at select stations where major credit cards are also accepted. You will not be able exit any Metro parking lot unless your SmarTrip® card has enough money on it to pay the full parking fee.
  • Permits may be used by other individuals (spouse, family or carpool member). Each permit is good for parking only one vehicle at a time. Parking permits are not issued for any particular vehicle and may be used in any vehicle able to fit in a standard Metro parking space. Permit accounts are not transferable from one individual to another.
  • Permits are good only during the month indicated on the permit and may not be used (or honored) either before or after that calender month. Parking permits may only be used at Metro-operated parking facilities for the station indicated on the permit. The fee amounts for prepaid permits are not guaranteed beyond 30 days. No full or partial refunds will be given for used reserved parking permits.
  • Except as noted later, all posted parking and traffic restrictions apply. Parking is authorized only in clearly marked parking spaces within the lines.
  • Dishonored credit cards will result in further renewals not being accepted or processed for the applicant until all past payments and outstanding balances have been resolved to Metro's satisfaction. A $20 processing and collection fee will be assessed for each dishonored credit card purchase.
  • It is the responsibility of customers to notify the Metro Parking Office at 202-962-2807 if subscriptions are to be terminated. To avoid billing, notice of termination of permit subscriptions must be received by the Metro Parking Office by the 10th day of the month prior to the effective date of the permit renewal. Any permits issued by subscription must be returned by the 10th of the effective month unused for any refund to be considered. Full refunds for single unused monthly permits may be requested from the Metro Parking Office. Permits to be refunded must be surrendered to the parking office for credit.
  • Reserved parking permit holders may park for multi-day periods, up to 10 days, while displaying a valid permit when parked in a reserved parking permit required space. Reserved permits for both months must be displayed if a multi-day parking occasion spans into a second month. Call the Metro Parking Office at 202-962-2807 for special assistance.
  • Reserved parking subscribers will have their credit cards billed as the original and renewal permits are individually processed. To avoid delay in receiving subscription permits, subscribers are required to furnish new credit card expiration dates on or before the old expiration dates.
  • Reserved parking permits must be displayed at all times when parked in Metro parking lots. Display the permits by hanging them from the inside rearview mirror. Persons displaying handicapped parking permits should put their reserved parking permit on the center of the dashboard so that it can be seen from outside the vehicle.
  • Reserved parking permits are good for use in specially marked areas in park-and-ride lots. Signs will be installed restricting enough spaces to accommodate the maximum number of reserved parking permits expected for each station, but no more than 25% of the capacity at any one facility at stations with multiple facilities will be reserved. Reserved parking spaces will be reserved only until 10 am Monday through Friday, except holidays, for persons with valid reserved parking permits. After 10 am, the reserved spaces become available for general parking.
  • Persons with valid reserved parking permits finding all reserved spaces occupied upon arrival prior to 10 am are permitted to park in any Metro metered space in the station's Kiss & Ride or short-term metered parking lot. However, to avoid ticketing, such customers are required to display their reserved parking permits and put sufficient money in the meters to keep them from expiring before 3:30 pm. Those arriving after 10 am are not authorized to use their permits to park in the Kiss & Ride lot. Use of Kiss & Ride spaces by reserved parking permit holders will be monitored. Reserved parking permits may not be used nor displayed in Kiss & Ride lots before 10 am, even at parking meters with time on them, if there are empty reserved parking spaces in park-and-ride lot(s) at the station.
  • If no spaces reserved for reserved permit holders in park-and-ride facilities or metered spaces in Kiss & Ride lots or metered spaces on Metro access roads are available, please call the Metro Parking Office at 202-962-2807. Parking in all other regulated or non-designated areas or spaces is not permitted and is subject to ticketing and possible towing.
  • Reserved parking permit holders with state/District vehicle license plates with wheelchair symbols or with DMV/MVA handicapped parking permits needing accessible parking should contact 202-962-1066.

Caution: To ensure an unobstructed view, please remove permits from your rear-view mirror before driving.

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