Turning the Strategic Plan into Reality


The four strategic goals set the stage for our future and provide the framework for all our business operations, our budget and our performance.

Just as we have engaged our key external stakeholder groups, the general manager and his leadership team have worked on a parallel path to ensure that this strategic plan will be successful in achieving the operation and delivery of safe, quality service to customers each and every day. This will be executed through multi-year Business Plans and Budgets.

But it doesn't end here. Throughout the Fall 2012, Metro will continue to seek input on this plan, engaging customers, elected officials, major employers, civic groups, media, diversity organizations, Metro employees and local communities. We pledge to remain transparent and responsive throughout the process.

"We're moving toward becoming a performance-based organization by measuring outcomes instead of outputs."
— James Dyke, Principal Director, Virginia

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WMATA Strategic Plan

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