Inauguration Day 2013

Presidential Inauguration
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    Metro Plans for Inauguration Day

    Metro is preparing to be the transportation mode of choice for hundreds of thousands of visitors on Inauguration Day 2013.

    On Inauguration Day:

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    Important Travel Tips

    Follow these simple tips to make your Inauguration Day travel experience a smooth one.

    Metro expects high ridership to Inaugural events. Be prepared for long lines, crowded trains and buses and intermittent delays.

    Sign up for Metro Inauguration Alerts by entering your email address and phone number in the box to the right. By email and text message, we will provide real-time updates of any service changes over Inauguration Weekend, as well as important news about traveling on Metro prior to the event.

    Follow us on Twitter. Our special Inauguration Twitter account is @MetroInaug. You can also follow our main Metro account @wmata.

    Plan your Metrorail trip so that you do not have to transfer between rail lines. There is a station near the National Mall on each of Metro's five rail lines. Pick a destination station on the same line as your origin, or use our "What's my best route" tool on the right side of this page.

    Washington is a walkable city. On Inauguration Day, consider avoiding crowded stations and trains by walking up to two miles to reach your destination. View walking map.

    When traveling to events, factor in your ability to walk, stand and tolerate cold temperatures for an extended period. Be sure to dress warmly.

    The four Metrorail stations closest to the Capitol should only be used by those with Inauguration tickets. They are: Union Station, Judiciary Square, Capitol South and Federal Center SW.

    We strongly recommend purchasing your farecard or SmarTrip® card in advance to avoid long lines on Inauguration Day. Each traveler age 5 or older needs his or her own card to enter and exit the Metrorail system. You can buy cards online at, transit store or at any Metrorail station, Metro sales office or local CVS, Giant or Safeway stores. If you’re not using a One Day Pass, be sure to load enough value on your SmarTrip® or farecard for your entire trip - in advance - for each member of your group. If you use a paper farecard, a $1 surcharge applies for each Metrorail trip you take. Metrobus fares can be paid with cash (exact change) or with a SmarTrip® card. Visit the station information page for your origin station to determine your fare. Remember to add $1 to the fare for each trip if you use a paper farecard.

    Bicycles, large coolers or containers will not be permitted aboard Metrorail during Inauguration Weekend (Saturday through Monday). Prohibited items at Inauguration events include weapons, explosives, backpacks, laser pointers, alcohol, sticks and poles. For a complete list of prohibited items, check the website for your event. Also, smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited within the Metro system, including trains, buses and stations.

    See something? Say something. Report unattended packages or suspicious activity to a Metro employee or call Metro Transit Police at 202-962-2121 or 911.

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    Service Changes and Closures

    Information about station closures and other service adjustments on Inauguration Day.

    Archives, Mt. Vernon Square and Smithsonian stations will be closed on Inauguration Day. Use the "What's my best route" planner on the right side of this page to find recommended stations. Sign up for Metro Inauguration Alerts for updates on station closures and other possible service changes.

    The "Rush+" service pattern will not be in effect, and Yellow Line trains will operate only between Huntington and Gallery Place, due to an event at the Convention Center. View Metro service map for Inauguration Day.

    Several downtown Metrorail station entrances will be designated as "entry only" or "exit only" to safely manage crowds.

    Some escalators will be intentionally turned off to regulate the flow of customers.

    Pennsylvania Avenue will be closed between the Capitol and White House for the Inaugural parade. You will not be able to cross Pennsylvania Avenue, even on foot. View walking map of Downtown DC on Inauguration Day.

    Many Metrobus routes will operate on detours or will operate in segments due to road closures near the National Mall.

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    Daily Hours and Service

    Metro will operate expanded service on Inauguration Day. Here is a daily breakdown of service hours.

    Saturday, January 19
    Metrorail open 7 am - 3 am on a regular Saturday schedule. Off-peak fares in effect.
    Metrobus service on a regular Saturday schedule.

    Sunday, January 20
    Metrorail open 7 am - midnight on a regular Sunday schedule. Off-peak fares in effect.
    Metrobus service on a regular Sunday schedule; expect some detours around the Mall area.

    Monday (Inauguration Day)
    Metrorail open 4 am - 2 am with rush-hour service and peak fares until 9 pm
    Rush+ service will not be in effect. View Metrorail service map for Inauguration Day
    Metrobus service on a regular weekday AM rush hour schedule, followed by an early PM rush hour in the afternoon. Expect major detours and turn-backs in the Mall area.

    Last train times vary by station. Please check the train times posted at the stations you plan to use, or visit for details.

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    Planning to park at a Metro Station? Here's what you need to know.

    Parking is free on Saturday and Sunday. On Inauguration Day, you will pay regular parking rates at Metro-operated parking facilities. Pay the fee as you exit the facility using the value on a SmarTrip® card or with a credit card. Cash is not accepted. Also, you cannot use a One Day Pass to pay for parking unless you add value to the SmarTrip® card.

    Parking lots and garages at Metro stations will fill very quickly on Inauguration Day. If you plan to park at a station, have a backup plan if parking is full. Consider connecting bus service, carpools, taxi, biking or even walking if possible.

    Only authorized buses, such as Metrobuses and other transit buses, may access the stations. Bus parking is strictly prohibited at Metrorail stations. Charter bus operators must follow instructions on the District of Columbia’s Inauguration website:

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    Walking Directions to the National Mall from selected Metro stations

    Follow these directions for the best walking route from your Metro Station to the National Mall.

    On Inauguration Day, Metro stations closest to the Capitol may not be the best ones to use. Instead, consider using one of the stations below and walking to the National Mall. Keep in mind that these routes are subject to change due to special events or security concerns.

    Arlington Cemetery Blue line (1.5 miles to Mall)
    Walk 0.7 miles toward the Lincoln Memorial (away from Arlington Cemetery).
    Go around the left side of the Lincoln Memorial and walk 0.3 miles to Constitution Ave NW.

    Farragut North Red line (1 mile to Mall)
    Walk south on Connecticut Ave NW toward K St NW.
    Turn right at K St NW.
    Turn left at 18th St NW.
    Continue to Constitution Ave NW.

    Farragut West Blue lineOrange line (0.9 miles to Mall)
    Head south on 17th St NW toward Eye/I St NW.
    Turn right at Eye/I St NW.
    Turn left at 18th St NW.
    Continue to Constitution Ave NW.

    Foggy Bottom Blue lineOrange line (0.9 miles to Mall)
    Turn right onto 23rd St NW and walk south 0.3 miles
    Turn left at Virginia Ave NW and walk 0.6 miles to Constitution Ave NW.

    L'Enfant Plaza Green lineYellow lineBlue lineOrange line (0.2 miles to Mall)
    Walk north on 7th St SW to Independence Ave SW.
    McPherson Sq (1.2 miles to Mall)
    Walk west on Eye/I St NW toward 15th St NW and continue past the park.
    Turn left at 18th St NW.
    Continue to Constitution Ave NW.

    Metro Center Red lineBlue lineOrange line (1.7 miles to Mall)
    Head west on F or G St NW.
    Turn right at 14th St NW.
    Turn left at Eye/I St NW.
    Turn left at 18th St NW.
    Continue to Constitution Ave NW.

    Waterfront Green line(1 mile to Mall)
    Walk north on 4th St SW.
    Turn left on Eye/I St SW.
    Turn right on 7th St SW and walk 0.7 miles north to the Mall.

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    Metrobus Service on Inauguration Day

    Your best route to Inauguration may be on Metrobus.

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    Commemorative SmarTrip® Now Available

    Own a piece of history with a re-loadable 2013 Obama Inaugural SmarTrip® Card.

    Buy Metro's 2013 commemorative SmarTrip® card now and own a piece of history. The reusable plastic card comes pre-loaded with a One-Day Pass that provides unlimited travel on Metrorail on the day it is first used.2013 Presidential Inauguration Commemorative SmarTrip® Card Each commemorative SmarTrip® costs $15 - just $1 more than the cost of a regular one-day pass and $4 less than the cost of purchasing a SmarTrip® card and One-Day Pass separately.

    Once the One-Day Pass is used, you can reload your commemorative SmarTrip® card just like a regular SmarTrip® card.

    Supplies are limited, so buy yours today -- online or at a Metro sales office

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    Tour Bus Drop Off

    Due to space restrictions, tour buses are prohibited from discharging passengers at Metrorail stations at any time.

    Only authorized buses will be permitted onto Metro station property. Tour bus operators are strongly encouraged to follow the procedures that will be outlined on the Washington DC Inauguration website. Please refer to the Washington DC Inauguration website for parking, permitting, and routing information for motorcoach operators.

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