Metro Bike & Ride Facilities

At Metro's Bike & Ride facilities you can park your bike for free, in a secure, enclosed area with card access.

College Park-U of Maryland

  • Register your SmarTrip® card. Go to to create an account and register your card. If you already have a registered SmarTrip® card, you're half way there. If you do not already have one, you can purchase a SmarTrip® card online, at any Metrorail station, or other convenient location.
  • Sign up for Bike & Ride. Click here to sign up for access to Metro's Bike & Ride facilities. You'll receive a registration confirmation via email in 24- 48 hours.
  • Park and retrieve your bike. Tap your registered SmarTrip® card on the target for access to the facility. Always lock your bike inside.
  • Rules:

What You Get

  • Savings Instead of driving and paying to park your car, ride your bike to the station and park it for free.
  • Security Our bike & Ride facility is monitored via security cameras and a registered SmarTrip® card is required to enter.
  • Shelter No more wet seats and slippery pedals!
  • Convenience Your registered SmarTrip® card is your key to every Metro Bike & Ride facility. Just tap your card on the target and open the door.

Tip: Keep a "Station Bike" at the Bike & Ride

Do you work near the station, but not close enough to walk? With secure parking at the Bike & Ride, you can keep your bike at the station overnight, arrive at the station in the morning, and finish your commute by bike.

Coming Soon: East Falls Church and Vienna

Construction has begun on two new Bike & Ride facilities at East Falls Church and Vienna Metrorail stations.

Construction is expected to be completed in early 2016.

  Customer Brochure
  Construction Advisory

College Park's Bike & Ride Facility

Bike and Ride entrance

Bike and Ride Racks

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