Metro Bike & Ride Facilities

At Metro's Bike & Ride facilties you can park your bike in a secure, enclosed area with card access.

College Park U of Maryland

  • Get a BikeLink™ card. Purchase one online or call 1-888-540-0546. The card will arrive by mail.
  • Verify your identity. For your security, every new user's ID is checked and photographed the first time they use the facility. Verification via camera takes only a few minutes. A one-time $5 charge is deducted from your card for this service.
  • Park and retrieve your bike. Insert your card. Press the button to confirm you are parking or picking up a bike. The door will unlock when you remove the card. Always lock your bike inside.
  • Rates: 5 cents per hour from 8 am - midnight, 2 cents per hour all other times.
  • Rules:
  • The facility is equipped with security cameras.

What You Get

  • Secure bike parking whenever you need it, 24/7
  • No monthly or annual fees
  • Parking for a few hours, overnight or for several days
  • Card-controlled access
  • A stored-value card that is also your key to the facility: secure, easy to use, and with no expiration
  • 24-hour customer support

Tip: Keep a "Station Bike" at the Bike & Ride

Do you work near the station, but not close enough to walk? With secure parking at the Bike & Ride, you can keep your bike at the station overnight, arrive at the station in the morning, and finish your commute by bike.



Coming Soon: East Falls Church and Vienna

Construction has begun on two new Bike & Ride facilities at East Falls Church and Vienna Metrorail stations.

Construction is expected to be completed in September 2015. Check back later this summer for more details.

  Customer Brochure
  Construction Advisory

College Park's Bike & Ride Facility

Bike and Ride entrance

Bike and Ride Racks

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