Senior SmarTrip® FAQs

Metro has eliminated the senior citizen ID card effective 7/1/2008.

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I am 65 years of age. How do I get reduced fares on Metro?

  • A valid driver's license, non-driver's ID, or passport must be shown to purchase the $2 Senior SmarTrip® card, which can be used for both Metrobus and Metrorail OR
  • A valid driver's license, non-driver's ID, passport, or Medicare Card and photo ID may be used to purchase the $10 Senior Farecard for reduced fare on Metrorail or the $8.75 Metrobus Weekly Senior Pass OR
  • on Metrobus, seniors can just show their valid Medicare Card and photo ID to pay the reduced fare.

I currently have a reduced fare SmarTrip® card. Do I need to purchase the new Senior SmarTrip® card?

No. Seniors should not purchase the new Senior SmarTrip® card unless their current card is lost, stolen or damaged. Seniors can exchange their non-working, non-damaged SmarTrip® cards for a new one at the Metro Center or Pentagon stations for free.


I just replaced my non-usable reduced fare SmarTrip® card. How do I transfer the money that I had on that card to my new Senior SmarTrip® card?

Please call our SmarTrip® Office at 1-888-762-7874 or TTY 703-620-8782 to request to have the balance transferred.


Can I purchase the new Senior SmarTrip® card on your website?

No, you must appear in person to present valid identification verifying that you are age 65 or older.


What's the advantage of using a Senior SmarTrip® Card?

With a registered SmarTrip® card, there are no more worries about demagnetized and damaged paper cards or lost cards. A lost or stolen Senior SmarTrip® card can be replaced with its remaining Metro value at the time it was reported lost or stolen for a $2 replacement fee. Call 1-888-SMARTRIP (1-888-762-7874) to report a lost or stolen card.


Where can I buy a Senior SmarTrip® card?

Senior SmarTrip® cards are available for $2 at Metro sales offices, regional commuter stores and public libraries located in Montgomery county. If you'd like further assistance to find out where you can buy a Senior SmarTrip® card at a location near you, see Metro Sales Locations or call the SmarTrip® Regional Customer Service Center at 1-888-762-7874.


How do I register my SmarTrip® card?

A registration form must be filled out where you purchase your Senior SmarTrip® card.


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