Metrorail SmarTrip® Dispensers and Farecard Vending Machines

Using the SmarTrip® Card Dispensers

SmarTrip card dispenser SmarTrip® card dispensers are available at all Metrorail stations. The dispensers sell SmarTrip® cards for $10: $2 for the card itself and $8 in fare value. The dispenser accepts all major credit and debit cards and $1, $5, and $10 bills. It does not give change. SmarTrip® cards are available for purchase online.

See our SmarTrip® Q&A's for information on adding value to a SmarTrip® card and watch the SmarTrip® video.



Using the Farecards, Passes/Farecards, and ExitFare Vending Machines

Farecard vending machines are in every station. Small bills are recommended as there are no change machines in stations and a maximum of $10 in change may be received from a single transaction (see below). Change will be returned in coins.

There are three kinds of farecard vending machines. All three are easy to use:

Farecard machine The black "Farecards" machines sell single farecards and can be used to add value to SmarTrip® cards. They only accept cash. Bills up to $20 are accepted. The machines provide up to $10 in change.
Passes/Farecards machine The blue "Passes/Farecards" machines accept cash and major credit and debit cards, and sell single or multiple farecards and passes: the One Day Pass and Fast Pass. You can also add value to your SmarTrip® card, including One-Day Passes, Short Trip Pass, and Fast Passes. Bills up to $20 are accepted. The machines provide up to $10 in change.
Exitfare machine The brown "Exitfare" machines are located near the Metrorail exit gates and only accept cash (coins and $1, $5 and $10 bills). If you were prevented from exiting because your farecard had insufficient fare, then follow the instructions on an Exitfare machine to add the remaining fare. The machines provide up to $9.95 in change.

Using SmarTrip® Cards and Farecards/Passes in Faregates

See the using Metrorail faregates page.

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