District of Columbia Employer Transit Benefit Ordinance
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    What Is SmartBenefitsSM Autoload?

    As a Washington, D.C. metropolitan region employer, you're fully aware of the competitive nature of attracting and retaining the best employees. With SmartBenefitsSM, you can offer your employees a better way to get to work - and save money doing it.

    SmartBenefitsSM is a versatile and valuable benefit for both employers and employees. It's an IRS-compliant, web-based program that lets employers assign the dollar value of employees' monthly commuting benefit directly to reusable, rechargeable plastic SmarTrip® cards, which can be used for parking, rail, van pool and bus travel throughout the D.C. metropolitan region. It can be offered as a direct employee benefit, a pre-tax deduction, or a combination of both - it's as flexible as your needs, and available online 24/7.

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    How to Start

    Apply for a SmartBenefitsSM account. Collect your employees' SmartTrip® serial numbers. Enter employees' SmarTrip® serial numbers and benefit amounts for transit and parking between first and 15th day of the month for benefits for upcoming month.

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    Allocate Benefit to Transit Provider
    Purchase Select Transit Passes

    SmartBenefitsSM participants who use a van pool, MetroAccess, MARC, VRE, D & B Bus/Quick's Commuter Service, National Coachworks/Martz,, Arlington County Commuter stores or MTA commuter buses, do not download SmartBenefitsSM to your SmarTrip® card. Click here for passenger and operator instructions.

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    Claiming Benefits

    To claim or access your transit or parking benefits, just use your SmarTrip® card as if you are paying your fare or parking fee and the appropriate amount will be deducted from your SmarTrip® card account's transit or parking purse. It's that simple, just tap your card to a Metrorail faregate, bus farebox or Metro parking target and you're on your way. At the beginning of each month, a new benefit amount will be available for you to use.

    Claiming the monthly benefit at the machine is for Official Travel and non-Autoload customers.

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    Managing Your SmartBenefitsSM Program

    The SmartBenefitsSM program established through Metro is a free service for employers. Go to Employer login. Metro does not charge for anything other than the fares ordered. However, if you are interested in hiring a fee-for-service organization to manage your SmartBenefitsSM program, feel free to contact the following groups for additional information.

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