MetroAccess Frequently Asked Questions

For complete information about the MetroAccess service, please consult the MetroAccess Customer Guide.

What is a shared-ride service?

It means that when you are picked up, you may be sharing the vehicle with other customers and you may not be the first to arrive at your destination.


Why do I always have to share a ride with other people?

We strive to serve as many customers as possible and shared rides are the only way to accomplish this. Vehicle types vary depending upon the accessibility requirements of customers who may be grouped on the same manifest because of where and when they are traveling.


What if I need more assistance than the driver can provide?

All customers have the right to travel with a personal care assistant (PCA) and should indicate their intent to do so when making a reservation. Some people have a level of disability that necessitates their use of a PCA. Customers who cannot travel safely or comfortably without being accompanied by or met by a PCA must understand that MetroAccess drivers cannot fulfill PCA duties.

Some duties that may be performed by a PCA and not by a MetroAccess driver include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting a customer in removing a jacket.
  • Repositioning a customer in a wheelchair.
  • Assisting a customer with changing oxygen canisters.
  • Traveling with or meeting a customer who cannot be left unattended at the destination.
  • Traveling with customers who cannot be left unattended for a brief time on a MetroAccess vehicle without risk to themselves or others.
  • Assisting a customer who travels with a service animal but cannot board or disembark that animal from the vehicle without assistance.
  • Unlocking and/or opening the door to a customer's private residence.
  • Assisting a customer using a wheelchair in navigating up or down any steps or curbs to or from the MetroAccess vehicle.


My driver always arrives early. Can the driver leave me if I'm not ready?

If your driver arrives early, he or she is only required to wait five minutes into the pick-up window. For example, if your pick-up window is from 7:45 to 8:15 am and the driver arrives at 7:45 or earlier, you must be in the vehicle by 7:50 am. You are not required to board the vehicle until the pick-up window begins, but you may board the vehicle early if you wish.


Why is it that some drivers wear uniforms and some do not?

Drivers must be in uniform. The driver's ID card must be visible. If you ever have doubt about your driver's identity, call MetroAccess at 301-562-5360 and select option 2 to speak with a dispatcher (TTY 301-588-7535).


Can I call MetroAccess for a ride to the hospital if I need immediate medical attention?

MetroAccess is not a substitute for an ambulance. If you have an emergency, please call 911.


I don't like vans. Can I get a taxi for every trip?

MetroAccess cannot accommodate requests for any specific vehicle type. We need the flexibility to use any MetroAccess vehicle throughout the service area and cannot do this if we assign vehicles according to preference instead of mobility status.


What happens if I can't get a reservation for the time I want?

If we cannot provide a trip at your requested travel times, the reservationist will work with you to select another time within one hour of your requested time.


I have never used Metrorail or Metrobus. Who can I call for help?

Training can be provided on using specific routes, stops, and stations. Please call Metro's Office of ADA Programs at 202-962-1100 or TTY 202-962-2033.


What is InstantAccess?

Using InstantAccess, you can confirm or cancel your trips using the keypad on your touch–tone telephone. Call 301-562-5360 and press 3 for InstantAccess (TTY 301-588-7535). Use your MetroAccess ID number as your user name and your birth date (mmddyyyy) as your password (example: January 12, 1957 would be 01121957).


How do I know when the MetroAccess driver has arrived?

Upon arriving at your pick-up location, drivers will knock on your door and identify themselves as "MetroAccess". At public entrances, drivers may open the first exterior door to announce their arrival. If the entrance has a second door nearby that leads to a waiting area, drivers may open the second door to announce their arrival. In many cases an automated call announcing your vehicle's arrival may be placed to a phone number of your choosing, however a call cannot be guaranteed for all trips. Please be sure to be present at the outermost exterior door and ready to board the vehicle when your pick-up window begins.


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