Track Circuit Monitoring and Maintenance

Since the rail accident on June 22, 2009, Metro has raised the standard for acceptable track circuit performance. As a result, we are checking our 3000 circuits more often and that means, in some cases, trains need to slow down to a safe speed as they pass through areas where we're working.

Engineers now review track circuit information twice daily, and if a circuit fails to meet the new standard, they dispatch a crew to inspect the circuit. When the circuit is inspected, and, if necessary, an adjustment or correction is made on the spot. If the circuit requires a more complex response, that circuit may be turned off, until the correction can be completed. Although the circuit is turned off, the train controller in Metro's operations control center can still see where the train is, and has radio contact with the operator of the train. While the circuit is off, trains must travel along the distance of that circuit, usually between 400 and 1000 feet, at a reduced speed.

As a result your travel may be affected in the following areas as trains may move at slower speeds due to this monitoring and maintenance. This table will be updated every weekday.

LineStart DateFrom StationTo StationCircuit Maintenance/
Inspection Status

updated as of December 05, 2016

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