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For immediate release: October 3, 2013

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New parking garage to open Monday at Twinbrook Metrorail station

This release has been updated.

A new 426-space parking garage at Twinbrook Station will open for customers on Monday, October 7, at 5 a.m.

The new Metro West Garage was constructed by JBG as part of a joint development project, and provides replacement parking for an existing surface parking lot that will be used for retail, residential and offices.

“The new Metro West Garage is a welcome enhancement for Twinbrook customers, who will now benefit from weather-protected parking, improved lighting, and other amenities,” said Patrick Schmitt, Metro’s Director of Parking.  “We also look forward to the future phases of the mixed use, transit-oriented development that is coming to the Twinbrook Station, which when complete will further improve mobility and connect communities in Montgomery County.”

Existing traffic patterns and parking rates ($5 on weekdays, free on weekends) will not change.  The new Metro West Garage will be accessible from Chapman Avenue, which is adjacent to the station.

Motorists should follow signage and variable message boards that will be in place to guide them to the new garage on Monday morning.

Construction began on the second phase of the joint development project this week, which includes 206 apartments (15 percent affordable) and 33,000 square feet of retail shops.

About the Twinbrook Joint Development Project

The Twinbrook joint development between Metro and the JBG Companies has won awards for transit-oriented development from the Congress for New Urbanism and the Smart Growth Alliance, and is the first LEED-ND-certified (sustainable neighborhood) project in the National Capital Region. Fifteen percent of the sale and rental housing will be affordable.

The project emphasizes pedestrian and other non-vehicular connections to the station and will include a transit store to provide services to Metro riders.

The joint development agreement was signed in 2002.  Construction on the first phase of the project began in early 2008, and included 279 apartment units and 15,500 square feet of retail shops, which are all completed and occupied.  When the full project is completed, it will provide nearly 1,600 residences, 220,000 square feet of retail space, and 325,000 square feet of office space.  The site includes 1,150 parking spaces for Metro customers, as well as eleven bus bays.

JGB started construction on the Metro West garage in July 2011.

News release issued at 11:34 am, October 3, 2013.

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