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For immediate release: January 25, 2013

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Miss your chance to buy an Inaugural SmarTrip card? It's not too late.

Metro has reopened sales of 2013 Inaugural SmarTrip cards to deplete a small remaining supply.

The $15 commemorative SmarTrip® card comes pre-loaded with a One Day Pass that allows for unlimited Metrorail travel on the first day the card is used. After that, the card can be loaded with fare value or passes and used like any other SmarTrip card.

The cards are online or at Metro Sales Offices. To order online, customers should visit the Online Fare Purchase page at

Metro sold out of all cards that had been allocated for station sales prior to the Inauguration. A small percentage of cards were held back to fulfill online orders. Now that all pending orders have been processed, Metro is making the remaining supply of cards available for customers who missed their opportunity to buy a card prior to Inauguration Day.


News release issued at 3:46 pm, January 25, 2013.

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