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For immediate release: September 27, 2012

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Metro launches SmarTrip® Auto Reload
New feature lets customers ?set it and forget it?

Metro today launched SmarTrip® Auto Reload, a new convenient feature that allows customers to have value automatically added to their cards when their balances drops below a minimum threshold. By signing up for SmarTrip® Auto Reload, customers can avoid the hassle of stopping at farecard vending machines or repeatedly going online to add more value.

“Auto Reload is another way we have worked to making using SmarTrip® faster and easier for customers,” said Metro General Manager and CEO Richard Sarles. “Simply put, Auto Reload allows customers to ‘set it and forget it,’ and means an end to waiting in line at fare machines.”

Similar to EZ-Pass, the Auto Reload feature allows customers to have a pre-defined dollar value automatically added to a registered card whenever the balance on SmarTrip® drops below $20 on a full fare SmarTrip® card or below $10 on a Senior/Disabled SmarTrip® card.

For customers who use a 7-Day Bus or Rail Pass, Auto Reload will add a new pass when three days remain on the pass. Similarly, for the 28-Day or 30-Day Pass, Auto Reload is triggered when seven days remain on the active pass.

The launch of Auto Reload follows a successful testing period with more than 1,300 customers using the new feature.

To use the Auto Reload feature, customers must register their cards and have an online SmarTrip® account. Upon logging into their online account, customers are able to link their SmarTrip® cards to a credit or debit card that will automatically add the pre-determined value that the customers chooses.

For more information about SmarTrip® or to purchase a card, visit

News release issued at 11:29 am, September 27, 2012.

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