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For immediate release: December 16, 2010

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Metro Transit Police to step up system security
Customers advised of random baggage inspections

 Metro Transit Police today advised customers they will conduct random inspections of carry-on items, as part of the continuously changing law enforcement programs designed to keep the system safe.

Based on programs now successfully used in New York and Boston, Metro Transit Police will randomly identify carry-on items for inspection at station entrances. 

“This adds another layer of security to our system,” said MTPD Chief Michael A. Taborn. “The program will increase visible methods of protecting our passengers and employees, while minimizing inconvenience to riders.”security sign

The inspections will be conducted in conjunction with Transportation Security Administration officials and are expected to take only minutes and are designed to be non-intrusive, as police will randomly select bags or packages to check for hazardous materials using ionization technology as well as K-9 units trained to detect explosive materials. Carry on items will generally not be opened and physically inspected unless the equipment indicates a need for further inspection.

Anyone who is randomly selected and refuses to submit their carry-on items for inspection will be prohibited from bringing those items into the station. Customers who encounter a baggage checkpoint at a station entrance may choose not to enter the station if they would prefer not to submit their carry-ons for inspection.

Metro reminds customers to report any suspicious activity or unattended packages. “If you see something, please say something to a Metro employee or call the Metro Transit Police at 202-962-2121,” Chief Taborn said.

For more information about Metro safety and security initiatives, please go online to

For further information, see the explanatory demonstration video of an inspection, view the customer brochure or read the questions and answers online.


News release issued at 1:49 pm, December 16, 2010.

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