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For immediate release: December 14, 2009

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New service changes on three Maryland Metrobus lines to begin December 27
Bus stops at Prince George?s Plaza, Rockville and Wheaton Metrorail stations to be relocated

Metrobus service will change on three lines in Maryland, beginning Sunday, December 27. Bus stops also will be relocated at the Prince George’s Plaza, Rockville and Wheaton Metrorail stations to accommodate some of the service changes.

F4, F6 New Carrollton – Silver Spring Line

The weekday schedule will be adjusted slightly.

Q2 Veirs Mill Road Line

For most of the day, service between the Shady Grove and Silver Spring Metrorail stations (route Q2) will be replaced by two routes, the Q6 between Shady Grove and Wheaton Metrorail stations and Q4 between Rockville and Silver Spring Metrorail stations, which will overlap along Veirs Mill Road between Rockville and Wheaton Metrorail stations. The Q2 will continue to operate the full length of the route in the early morning and for much of the evening.

Montgomery College will no longer be served by all trips to and from Shady Grove, except when this diversion is needed. Service from Shady Grove to Silver Spring Metrorail stations will be designated route Q1 instead of Q2 and will bypass the college on early and late trips daily. Service from the Shady Grove to Wheaton Metrorail station will operate as the route Q5 and will bypass the college on midday trips primarily on Sundays.

Additional travel time will be added to the schedule to reflect current traffic conditions, and a special effort will be made to monitor the service for schedule adherence. For more information see the news release.

87 Laurel Express Line

The last morning trip from Greenbelt Metrorail station will go out of service at U.S. Rt. 1 and Main Street in Laurel. Customers may no longer ride to Rt. 1 and Cypress Street, as previously noted in the schedule.

Bus stop changes at Prince George’s Plaza Metrorail station

Eastbound route F6 buses to New Carrollton will change to service bus bay C, also shared by route F8.

Beginning Monday, Dec. 28, bus stops on the north side of the Prince George’s Plaza Metrorail station bus bay area will be relocated temporarily for four weeks due to construction at the station. For more information, see the news release.

Bus stop changes at Rockville Metrorail station

Northbound and southbound route Q2 buses at the Rockville Metrorail station will be split up. Southbound buses Q1, Q2, Q4, Q5, and Q6 to Wheaton and Silver Spring Metrorail Stations will continue to serve bus bay B. Northbound buses Q1, Q2, Q5, and Q6 to Shady Grove Metrorail station will share bus bay C along with route T2 to the Friendship Heights Metrorail station.

Bus stop changes at Wheaton Metrorail station

Construction on the east side of Georgia Avenue south of Reedie Drive had forced the temporary relocation of the Kiss & Ride into the bus facility on the west side of Georgia Avenue. Metrobus will relocate and use all five bus bays on the station roadway parallel to Georgia Avenue. The new route assignments will be as follows:

• Bay A will serve route Q1, Q2 and Q4, and Y5, Y7, Y8 and Y9 buses to the Silver Spring Metrorail station.
• Bay B will serve route C4 buses to the Twinbrook Metrorail station and the late-evening route C2 buses that provide extended service via route C4 to Randolph Road and Lauderdale Drive, opposite Loehmann’s Plaza.
• Bay C will serve route Q1, Q2, Q4, Q5, Q6 buses to the Rockville Metrorail station, Montgomery College, and Shady Grove Metrorail station.
• Bay D will serve route C2 buses to Greenbelt Center and route C4 buses to Prince George’s Plaza Metrorail station.
• Bay E will serve route Y5, Y7, Y8, Y9 buses to Montgomery General Hospital. (Y5 and Y8 via Leisure World, Y5 and Y7 via Norbeck Park & Ride.)

Ride On buses will also be reassigned among the remaining bus bays.

For information about upcoming Metrobus service changes in the District of Columbia and Virginia, visit or call 202-637-7000.


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News release issued at 1:23 pm, December 14, 2009.

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