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For immediate release: October 6, 2009

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Metro continues safety training after fatal pedestrian accident
Agency reinforces pedestrian safety

Metro is continuing its safety training to remind Metrobus operators about safety procedures in light of yesterday’s fatal accident that involved a pedestrian.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Stephanie Richardson,” said Gerald Francis, Metro’s Deputy General Manager and Chief Operating Officer.

Richardson died as a result of injuries sustained after being struck by a Metrobus at about 6:30 p.m. on Monday, October 5, at Mount Olivet Road and Montello Avenue in Northeast Washington.

“One accident is one too many. Once our investigation is complete, we will incorporate what we learn into our safety and training programs to help prevent future accidents,” Francis said.

Metro regularly conducts conversations and training with employees about safety procedures and practices, including pedestrian safety.

Safety meetings will continue with Metrobus operators at each division to discuss and reinforce pedestrian safety rules and procedures for operators. Service Operations Managers are continuing to convey the importance of pedestrian awareness to more than 2,400 Metrobus operators on the street and 950 bus maintenance personnel.

In addition, Metro is reissuing a safety bulletin about pedestrian safety. The bulletin will be attached to each bus operator’s daily driving schedule to remind them to be mindful of all pedestrians and be prepared to stop and yield to anyone who looks like they are about to cross a street, even if they are not in a crosswalk.

According to preliminary accident reports, Richardson exited a D8 Metrobus that was traveling westbound on Mount Olivet Road. After she exited the bus, she attempted to cross the street in front of the bus and was hit by a second D8 Metrobus that was traveling in the second westbound lane of Mount Olivet Road.

The Metropolitan Police Department is the lead agency investigating the accident. No charges have been filed and the investigation is ongoing.

Metro has placed the bus operator on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. He has been a Metrobus operator since March 2008.


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News release issued at 6:32 pm, October 6, 2009.

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