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For immediate release: May 7, 2003

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Metro’s Planning and Development Committee receives an update on the New York Avenue Metrorail station project
New station is on track for late 2004 opening

Last Thursday, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (Metro) Board Planning and Development Committee received a status update on the New York Avenue Metrorail station. The new station, to be located between Union Station and Rhode Island Avenue on Metro’s Red Line, is scheduled to open in late 2004. Among the key highlights from the presentation were:

  • The site was cleared and prepared for construction, which began in summer 2002. Primary station excavation, including shoring the railroad corridor, is complete. Approximately two-thirds of the station’s foundation is complete.
  • During the construction phase, Metro may have to single track trains through the affected area or curtail Red Line service between Union Station and Rhode Island Avenue for a short time while a new double crossover switch is installed outside the station. The new double crossover switch is extremely important if a mechanical problem or an emergency situation requires a train to switch from one track to another. Metro is working with the primary contractor to develop a plan for minimal mainline rail service impact during construction. The final design of the station is complete.
  • The new station includes two artistic creations, the first is a mural that features the work of the Perry School Community Center and is mounted along the north and south sides of Florida Avenue. The second art work project is part of Metro’s Arts-In-Transit Program which has been collaborated with the local community, businesses, cultural organizations, area artists, and the District Government to ensure artwork celebrates the cultural diversity found along the New York Avenue corridor.

"Everyone associated with the construction of this new station is extremely pleased with the progress that has been made so far," said Project Manager John Thomas. "We are on track for a scheduled opening in late 2004."The New York Avenue Metro station is known as an "in-fill" station because it is the first station in Metro’s 27-year history to be constructed between two existing, operating rail stations - Union Station and Rhode Island Avenue. The new train station will have two entrances - M Street, N.E., and Florida Avenue, N.E. The station will have multiple redundant elevators and enhanced signage and lighting.

Funding for this project has been made possible through a partnership that includes the District of Columbia, the federal government, and a special assessment district of area private land owners. While the station will not add miles to the tracks in the rail system, it will increase the total number of Metrorail stations in the regional system to 84.

Metro is also designing and constructing the portion of the Metropolitan Branch Bike Trail through Metrorail property with the station contract as requested by the District of Columbia. The trail will enhance access to the station by pedestrians and bicyclists.

"The success of this project also depends on partnerships within the community, and the local businesses and the District of Government have played a critical role in ensuring the successful completion of this project," said Mr. Thomas. "We look forward to working with the local ANC’s, the business associations, and the District of Columbia in the near future as construction of the new station progresses."

Last May, Metro’s Board of Directors awarded a construction contract for the New York Avenue station to Lane Construction/Slattery/Skanska, a joint venture.

The contract calls for the completion of design and construction of the station structure, its rooms, and additional facilities. Construction includes the installation of equipment for traction power, a train control facilities equipment maintenance room, communications, and electrical and mechanical systems.

News release issued on May 7, 2003.

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