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For immediate release: June 1, 2009

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Metro completes testing of new floor tiles at the Takoma Metrorail Station
New tile standard is safer and more durable

After 33 years, Metro is taking a key step to improve the tile floors in the 86-station Metrorail system.Sample paver tiles at Takoma park

For the past four months, Metro has been testing precast concrete paver tiles at the Takoma Metrorail station on the Red Line, to replace the original quarry tile surface adopted during the original construction of the rail system. Because of the importance of maintaining the unique “look” of Metrorail stations, the new tile features the same terra cotta color and hexagonal shapes with a longer square paver.

Testing has shown that the new precast concrete paver tiles are the safest and most economical solution for Metrorail station floors and platforms. The tiles have proven to be more durable, which will result in lower maintenance costs. They are also not as slick when wet.Sample paver tiles at Takoma park

“Because of the density and the thickness of these concrete paver tiles, we have not experienced any failures – or cracks -- due to the normal freezing and thawing on the station platform,” said David Couch, Metro’s Managing Director of Engineering and Capital Projects. “These new tiles also provide a safer and durable walking surface and will significantly reduce the life-cycle repair costs to Metrorail station platforms.”

Metro spent $300,000 to replace a section of the tiles at the Takoma Metrorail station platform and tested the new tiles for four months, from December 2008 to April 2009.Sample paver tiles at Takoma park

Metro plans to install these new tiles at other stations this fall as part of its ongoing platform rehabilitation program. The new tiles will be used in the construction of all future Metrorail stations.


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News release issued at 11:06 am, June 1, 2009.

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