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For immediate release: March 16, 2009

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Metro reviews hiring practices and procedures
Metro to implement more stringent bus operator selection criteria

Metro is reviewing hiring practices and procedures and could implement changes as early as May, transit agency officials announced Monday.

“We’ve created a special team to implement more stringent selection criteria for applicants and job retention standards, particularly for bus operator applicants given recent high-profile events involving two bus operators,” said General Manager John Catoe.

The team, made up of Metrobus, Metro Transit Police, human resources and legal experts, will review bus operator job descriptions, procedures, candidate qualifications, background check standards and performance tracking. The group also will review hiring standards at other transit agencies and aim to implement the best practices in the transit industry.

“The overwhelming majority of Metrobus operators are good, hard-working employees and improving our hiring standards will be good for all employees, Metro and most importantly our customers,” said Catoe.

Applicants currently go through several stages of screening before becoming a bus operator, including criminal background and driving record checks, and drug, alcohol and medical tests. They also must pass commercial driving tests and a Metro two-month training program.

“We can get up to 1,000 people applying for bus operator jobs and less than 100 will actually become Metrobus operators,” Catoe said.

The team is expected to implement changes as early as May.

News release issued at 3:52 pm, March 16, 2009.

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