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For immediate release: March 12, 2008

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Metro Transit Police Chief Michael Taborn outlines vision

Metro Transit Police Chief Mike Taborn speaks at a press conferenceMetro Transit Police Department Chief Michael Taborn plans to complete a thorough assessment of the police department in his first 90 days on the job in order to develop a plan to move the department forward in its mission to protect Metro customers, employees and facilities.

Taborn, 55, started the job as chief on Monday, March 10, returning to Metro after spending nearly six years as the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Director of the Office of Transit Safety and Security. Prior to his work with the FTA, Taborn had been with the Transit Police for 28 years, beginning his job before the first Metrorail trains began running. Taborn is MTPD’s fifth chief of police.

“One thing I learned at the FTA, though I always suspected it when I worked at Metro and in this police department, was that this transit agency and its police department is highly respected throughout all of North America,” Taborn said. “I am very proud to be returning to Metro.”

To complete his 90-day assessment, Taborn plans to meet with his staff to review current procedures and initiatives, and determine what’s working and what needs improvements. During the process, he also will work with his staff to develop measurable outcomes and review all security and emergency plans.

Taborn also pledged to continue to work with local and federal law enforcement agencies in addressing the rising rate of crime in the region and the continuing threat of a terrorist attack.

“One crime in our system is one too many, and I expect the strategy to take us from being one of the most respected transit police forces in the country to being the absolute finest,” Taborn said.

“Michael Taborn brings us his knowledge of transit policing from the ground up, due to his experience at Metro, but also he brings us a view of the challenges we face from a high-level perspective. If there is any recipe for future success, this is it,” said Metro General Manager John Catoe.

News release issued at 5:07 pm, March 12, 2008.

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