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For immediate release: September 11, 2007

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Metro Prepares To Operate Additional Rail Cars During Rush Hours on the Blue and Yellow Lines Later This Month
Metro to Add 18 Rail Cars into Service, Eliminating Four-Car Train Operations

Blue and Yellow Line Metrorail riders can look forward to seeing all six-car trains during the morning and afternoon rush hour period as the transit authority prepares to add 18 rail cars by the end of the month.

Metro will convert seven, four-car Blue Line trains and one four-car Yellow Line train into six-car trains during regular rush hours.

“Blue and Yellow Line riders are justifiably tired of getting black and blue trying to squeeze into four car trains,” said Dana Kauffman, Metro Board member representing Fairfax County. “As a regular Yellow line and occasional Blue line passenger myself, I'm looking forward to finding room to breath and maybe even a seat.”

Metro will have 800 rail cars operating during the morning and afternoon rush hours each weekday. It’s the first time in the agency’s 31-year history that 800 cars are available for service.

“These additional rail cars will provide much needed relief for Northern Virginia riders,” said Chris Zimmerman, Metro Board member from Arlington County.

“As we add these rail cars to the Blue and Yellow Lines, we will monitor their performance and keep an eye on the recent power issues in Northern Virginia,” said John Catoe, Metro’s General Manager. “We are confident that we will be able to provide quality service by adding six-car trains to the Blue and Yellow Lines and this will go a long way in offering a viable and welcome alternative to driving.”

The placement of 18 rail cars to the fleet is possible due to the addition of Metro’s newest rail cars, the 6000 series rail cars. Metro has 106 of these new rail cars in service, and continues to test new cars each weekday. The new 6000 series rail cars have a slightly modified look, including additional overhead and seat back-to-ceiling handrails and fewer windscreens. The floor to ceiling poles were removed to eliminate obstructions in the doorways and allow improved passenger flow down the aisles.

The 6000 series cars made their debut last October. Metro expects to have all 184 of these new cars in service by early 2008.


News release issued at 12:00 am, September 11, 2007.

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