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Metro forward. The Metro Facts.

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Metro Fact #1:

Metro is investing more than $5 billion in over a hundred projects - new rail cars and buses, escalator overhauls, better technology, new track and much more - to build a better ride for you. View Fact Sheet (pdf)

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Metro Fact #2:

To help ease travel through stations, Metro is overhauling or replacing 153 escalators at 25 stations on every line of the system. View Fact Sheet (pdf)

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Metro Fact #3:

Metro is designing a new generation of rail cars to replace its oldest cars and address its top safety priority. View Fact Sheet (pdf)

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Metro Fact #4:

To provide greater reliability, Metro is replacing 60 miles of rail over the next six years. View Fact Sheet (pdf)

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Metro Fact #5:

To improve reliability and service, Metro is replacing or rehabilitating 80% of its bus fleet. View Fact Sheet (pdf)

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