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You may have seen any one of 4,000 Metro Forward posters around our system. Now, a new wave of fresh information begins, this time brought to you by our employees. These posters feature employee teams who work on capital rebuilding projects that improve the service for our customers: escalator maintenance, station enhancement, bus rehabilitation, rail car maintenance and the major Red Line Improvement project.

Metro Fact #6: We are part of the team overhauling or replacing 153 escalators and 31 elevators to provide you with a better station experience. For details, to to

This is all part of our effort to make sure you know the facts about the $5 billion being invested to rebuild Metro and improve safety and reliability to better serve our customers. We have underway an aggressive schedule of major construction that accelerates our work on key National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) safety recommendations by more than a year. Customers can see evidence of our progress on safety and service improvements around the system.

Red Line customers have seen repairs to the structural edges of platforms at Shady Grove and Rockville stations, where we are now installing new concrete pavers. We are also repairing the platform structures at White Flint and Twinbrook Stations. And on November 30 we opened the third of three new escalators at Foggy Bottom - the first new escalators we've installed on the system in 15 years. We also completed work on rehabilitated escalators from platforms up to the mezzanine levels at Union Station. That's in addition to the escalators we finished rehabilitating at Judiciary Square, Metro Center, Dupont Circle, and Farragut North.

Some of the less visible progress this year includes the replacement of 36 mainline No. 8 switches to address NTSB recommendations - with 91% completion, we are on target to complete the remaining No. 8 switches by the end of the fiscal year (June 2012). By the time we have finished, we will have completed the replacement of 178 No. 8 guarded switches throughout the system. And our work on the track is moving along, with the replacement of 11,731 cross ties, 62,723 linear feet of running rail, 20,745 fasteners, 8,849 insulators and 9,829 linear feet of grout pads, all to give you a safer, more reliable ride.

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Now You Know

Who knew? The Metro Forward improvement program is an ambitious 6-year action plan that is designed to make your life better by making your commuting experience more reliable, more comfortable and more enjoyable.

We are working to provide you with new rail cars, new buses, new tracks, new technology and the rebuilding of essential infrastructure. Just over the coming year we will be rehabilitating and replacing nearly 50 escalators; renovating 12 Metrorail stations; retrofitting track and replacing track circuitry; rehabilitating third rail, running rail and track pads; installing track turnouts; purchasing new police radios; rehabilitating three bus garages; replacing 100 Metrobuses and rehabilitating 100 more.

Metro Forward, providing you with a better ride, a better system and a better experience.

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