100 % 8-Car Trains-- Power Upgrades


Contribution to Strategic Goals

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This project includes completion of the improvements to the traction-power system to allow the deployment of up to 100% eight car trains. The increase from 6 to 8 cars increases power requirements of each train and therefore the load put on the traction power system increases.


Current traction power supply capacity is not sufficient to support 100% 8-car train operations. Additional transformers, rectifiers, breakers, track feeder cables and negative return cables must be installed to support the power necessary to operate 100% eight car trains. The 50% 8-car train upgrade has been implemented. Further upgrade to 75% and 100% 8-car trains requires additional upgrades to ensure a safe and economical power supply. The upgrades are required to ensure 8-car trains can operate without the risk of an overload to the power system which could cause damage to the power equipment, cabling and/or trains.

Estimated Need FY2011-2020*

$149.7 Million

CNI Project Number


Project Type

Power System Upgrades - Rail

*Note: Estimated capital need amounts were originally formulated in September 2008 and are for planning purposes only. As the Office of Management and Budget Services (OMBS) develops Metro's capital program, specific project budgets may change.


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