Escalator Rehabilitation

Escalator Rehabilitation

Contribution to Strategic Goals

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This is a multi-year project to provide for the rehabilitation and the code and safety upgrades of the oldest and poorest performing escalators. Metro has 588 escalators at 86 stations all of varying ages. Metro can rehabilitate about 30 escalators a year at about $400,000 per escalator (the cost can vary depending on the style, manufacturer, and length of the escalator). Locations for rehabilitations will be tied into the System Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program schedule.


Rehabilitations are necessary to maintain escalator availability and reliability. Without the escalator rehabilitations, the performance and longevity of these units will deteriorate. Escalators generally have a 40-50 year life with a midlife rehabilitation at about 20-25 years. Lack of investment in these rehabilitations results in higher operating and maintenance costs. This is an energy efficient investment because escalators are rehabilitated with energy saving devices.

Estimated Need FY2011-2020*

$177.8 Million

CNI Project Number


Project Type

Elevator/Escalator Facilities

*Note: Estimated capital need amounts were originally formulated in September 2008 and are for planning purposes only. As the Office of Management and Budget Services (OMBS) develops Metro's capital program, specific project budgets may change.


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