100% 8-Car Train-- Rail Cars (7000 Series)

100% 8-Car Train-- Rail Cars (7000 Series)

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Procure 90 additional 7000 Series rail cars to allow Metro to increase the number of 8-car trains from 75% to achieve 100% during peak periods.


In order to meet the continued projected growth in rail ridership, the procurement of an additional 90 cars is required. With these additional cars, all trains will be composed of eight cars. It is anticipated that these will be 7000 Series cars and as such Metro will avoid development and design costs. Delivery of these cars is scheduled to start in late FY 2016 and to run thru mid FY 2017. The total 100% 8-Car Train project cost will be $261,180,000 or $2.9M per car. Of the total cost, $250,377,000 is reflected in this 10-year Capital Needs Inventory and the $10,803,000 balance will be incurred after FY 2020. The inflationary cost associated with the 32 month timing difference between the 75% 8-Car and 100% 8-Car train projects has been included in the costs.

Estimated Need FY2011-2020*

$250.4 Million

CNI Project Number


Project Type

Rail Car Fleet Expansion

*Note: Estimated capital need amounts were originally formulated in September 2008 and are for planning purposes only. As the Office of Management and Budget Services (OMBS) develops Metro's capital program, specific project budgets may change.


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