Capital Needs Inventory FY 2011 - FY 2020

Investment Categories ($ Millions)

Metro developed the FY 2011 - FY 2020 Capital Needs Inventory to address its performance/safety needs (investments that maintain and replace assets on a regular life cycle basis in order to deliver the same level of service) and customer/demand/safety needs (investments that help meet growing ridership and improve the rider's experience). Performance projects comprise 67% of the Capital Needs Inventory ($7.6 billion) and Customer/Demand project comprise 33% ($3.8 billion). The over $11 Billion Capital Needs Inventory was presented to the Board on September 25, 2008. See the Capital Needs Board Presentation PDF (2.95 MB).

The Capital Needs Inventory was based on outreach to each department, life-cycle costs, current conditions, and future demand. This agency-wide, "bottom-up" inventory was designed to produce a comprehensive picture of Metro's future capital needs. The Capital Needs Inventory was the first step in a strategic capital planning process being implemented at Metro. Next, Metro prioritized the Capital Needs Inventory projects based on agency goals and strategic objectives that were established through an internal and external outreach effort. Preliminary prioritization results PDF were presented to the Board on October 8, 2009. The Capital Needs Inventory and prioritization will support future capital programming and the development of a regional funding strategy for Metro.

For more information about CNI projects (description, justification, budget, linkage to strategic goals), click on an asset category in the charts below. For example, clicking on "Vehicle/Vehicle Parts" provides a list of CNI projects relating to Metro's fleet needs. View a summary list of CNI projects.

  Performance Needs By Asset Category   ($7,597 Million)
Vehicles/ Vehicle Parts Rail System Infrastructure Rehabilitation Fleet Maintenance Facilities Systems and Technology Track and Structures Passenger Facilities Maintenance Equipment Support Facilities

  Customer/Demand Needs By Asset Category   ($3,834 Million)
Passenger Facilities Fleet Maintenance Facilities Vehicles/ Vehicle Parts Systems and Technology Support Facilities

*Note: Estimated capital need amounts were originally formulated in September 2008 and are for planning purposes only. As the Office of Management and Budget Services (OMBS) develops Metro's capital program, specific project budgets may change.

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