Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for December 18, 2008 at 11:00 AM

I. Call to Order

II. Public Comment Period

Mr. Zimmerman

Action Items


III. Approval of Agenda

Mr. Zimmerman

IV. Approval of Minutes

Mr. Zimmerman

Action Items


A. November 20, 2008 Board Meeting



V. Report by Riders’ Advisory Council

Ms. Iacomini

VI. Report by Chairman

Mr. Zimmerman

A. Chairman’s Report

B. Appointment of Riders’ Advisory Council Members - ITEM REMOVED FROM AGENDA

VII. Report by General Manager

Mr. Catoe

Action Items


A. General Manager’s Monthly Report

B. Employee Spotlight - Recognition of Glendora Williams, Train Operator

VIII. Report by Customer Service, Operations and Safety Committee

Mr. Graham

Action Items


A. Authorization for Public Hearing to Discontinue Route N22

IX. Report by Finance, Administration and Oversight Committee

Mr. Benjamin

Action Items


A. Initiate Advertisement of Procurement for 7000 Series Railcars


B. Rosslyn Station Access Improvements

X. Report by Planning, Development and Real Estate Committee

Mrs. Hudgins

Action Items


A. Bus Facilities 1 - System Infrastructure Rehabilitation

XI. Administrative Actions:

Action Items


1. Approval to Initiate & Award Contracts for Bus and Rail Operators Uniforms

Mr. Francis


2. Approval to Initiate & Award a Contract for PROTECT System Installation

Mr. Requa


3. Approval to Initiate & Award Various FY2009 Infrastructure Contracts

Mr. Requa


4. Approval to Initiate & Award Various FY2009 IT Contracts

Ms. Peck


5. Approval to Initiate & Award a Contract to Purchase Trash Vacuum Trucks

Mr. Kubicek


6. Approval to Initiate & Award a Contract to Purchase Rail Train with Threader Car

Mr. Kubicek


7. Approval to Award Sole Source Contract for CAF Railcar High Speed Coupler

Mr. Kubicek


8. Approval to Award a Contract for Car Sharing Services

Mr. Bottigheimer


9. Approval to Modify a Contract for Brentwood Yard

Mr. Requa


10. Approval to Modify a Contract for DC Circulator Contract Extension

Mr. Victoria


11. Amend FY2009 Budget for Reimbursable Project to Include West Falls Church Canopy

Mr. Requa


12. Approval to Amend the Tariff to Cover the Cost of a Transfer from TheBus to Metrobus

Ms. Kissal

XII. Jurisdictional Reports

XIII. Motion for Executive Session

A. Contractual Matters

B. Legislative Strategy

C. Labor Matters

D. Safety Issues


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