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Service Status

Red Line status Red Line Red Line: Until 3:00pm, trains originating at Silver Spring will turn back at Farragut North due to scheduled track work.

Red Line: Delays possible in both directions due to scheduled track work between Friendship Heights & Medical Center.

Orange Line status Orange Line On Time
Silver Line status Silver Line On Time
Blue Line status Blue Line On Time
Yellow Line status Yellow Line On Time
Green Line status Green Line On Time

B30: Due to traffic congestion along Baltimore Washington Parkway, buses are experiencing up to 30-min delays.B30 E4: Due to construction, w/b buses detour on Kennedy St NW at 5th St to resume regular route on 13th St NW at Kennedy St.
E4: Due to construction, s/b buses detour on Kennedy St NW at Georgia Av to resume regular route on 5th St NW at Kennedy St.
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